Welcome to Wellness~

The mission here is to put you in touch with your source of wellness. Our services provide much needed stress and pain management techniques that are easy to apply to your everyday life. By placing focus on what's well (working), we empower health, healing and life.

We offer you the ability to pause and reset through the useful practice of meditation and art.

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The cost of stress. The value of deep relaxation.

We pay for our health in ways that are increasingly expensive AND invasive.  The costs associated with today's "care" can be lessened by creating the path to natural health and balance. Self healing is made possible through complimentary methods of care. We provide you with a wide array of tools and resources to choose from such as : self hypnosis, guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, MBSR instruction, and supporting products as well as the use of creativity and art.

Instruction is for healthcare workers/staff, caregivers, and family members as well as for those suffering from illness or accident.

We offer teambuilding activities and training to groups of any size. Please visit the Team Building and Training page for full details.

Chronic pain or long term conditions can be managed through our offerings. Chronic Stress leads to Chronic Illness including:

  • anxiety/panic attacks
  • depression
  • cardiovascular episodes
  • skin and allergy issues
  • auto immune disorders
  • lower immune functions, more frequent illnesses
  • sudden weight gain and loss
  • muscular spasms
  • hair loss

Daily stresses include things we cannot see or sense such as radiowaves, radiation, and toxins in the environment and food we eat.  These contribute to what our body has to eliminate. The energetic body can influence our health in many ways we are only beginning to understand... add in some emotional, mental and physical stress and you've got the ingredients of imbalance - illness. Learning to de-stress and re-organize your own energy body makes staying in balance possible. Periods of illness and recovery times will lessen as you develop your practice and skills or use our guided sessions to maintain your good health.

You natural state is balance.

Our bodies are self correcting.

Join one of our classs offerings to begin reversing the effects of stress and preserving your good health!